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Day 01 – Favourite Wrestler While Growing Up

Its a 4 way tie to be honest…and no, I was never a Hogan guy or an Ultimate Warrior guy…I was Randy Savage/Ricky Steamboat/Shawn Michaels/Bret Hart guy.

Randy Savage: His “madness” and his flying elbow was poetry in motion. Legendary matches and wild promos…absolute LEGEND.
Ricky Steamboat: Agile flyer as well as a mat technician…was also able to adapt to every person he faced…if you brawled…he brawled…if you chain wrestled…he chain wrestled. Great stuff.

Shawn Michaels: One of the greatest in ring performers and entertainers…a smaller guy rising showing that you didn’t need to have the body builder look to get over and achieve success.
Bret Hart: The greatest technical wrestler to lace up a pair of boots…he was a big reason why I became a fan of “pro wrestling” rather than “sports entertainment”.

A Look Back at WWE Raw’s 1000 Shows

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"The hardest thing I have done to date was speak at Davey’s funeral. Davey was pretty good to me, letting me work out with him and taking care of me. Davey gave me a pair of boots, which I wear proudly. I wore them in Japan too. It affected me in the way that I saw these people that lost their dad, husband, and best friend. I live with them, it was a sad time. However, in a way, it brought a few people closer together. He touched a lot of people, and he meant a lot to them. It almost seemed like it wasn’t real."

- Tyson Kidd about Davey Boy Smith and his death (2003 interview)

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D’aww, Harry. You adorable human being you. :3


D’aww, Harry. You adorable human being you. :3

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